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Friday, August 05, 2022

TMBW is CLOSED: Price hikes have made living unsustainable for many citizens in the area

Thank you for visiting TMBW, but for now we are CLOSED and unsure when or if we will reopen due to price hikes in our area. We'll try and update our articles and news as best we can. Stay clean and safe and goodluck to us all. Feel free to check back with us later. 

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Wednesday, July 13, 2022

BREXIT and remembering that racism helped destroy the UK: PM Boris Johnson leaving but not soon enough

Remembering 2016 and the reasons for BREXIT and who 
BREXIT was led by - Vice News report posted 2016

In 2016, western Populist rhetoric had spread to both the United Kingdom and the United States. Mainstream media and some social media channels from Liberal Tory supporters in Australia were constantly black-balling East Asian progress with fake market reports and of fake News infrastructure schemes. Muslims and Chinese were the first targeted by United Kingdom media which became the added 'fear factor' to boost the votes towards leaving the European Union, a European Union which does include Muslim nations such as Turkey, therefore them having access to other European Union member nations such as the UK. The leader of the UK Brexit Nigel Farage once stated that 'the EU Referendum is about nothing less than the safety and security of British women' while addressing the European Parliament, quoting a reporter and spreading more fearful reasons to justify the beginning of a new and more independent Great Britain. There has been consensus that there were existing issues with some groups entering the UK, but those problems were handled too irrationally and with broad reckless diplomacy. Promises were made year after year by the Tory Party and in 2020 Boris Johnson stated he would release BREXIT potential, saying that it was a wonderful opportunity to take back British Laws, it's borders, and it's Trade. 

With 2023 almost upon the United Kingdom, nothing but the worst economic predictions have come true with inflation and a possibility of hyperinflation gripping the country, partly due to significant disruptions in trade, and development has come to an almost halt causing a Housing Crisis. The British Fishing Industry and it's workers who supported BREXIT have been since 2021 facing financial ruin with time-scale difficulties, unable to export their product with no route to market as was promised, Paul Blewett said in 2021 to Channel 4 news "At the moment it feels like you're gambling with a lorry load (50,000 lbs)" meaning the uncertainty of selling what the Fishing Industry catches has not been resolved. There is also worry among UK citizens that there may not even be a United Kingdom in the future if a 2nd Scottish Referendum votes to leave in favor of the European Union which may occur in 2023. 

The result of BREXIT and inflation in 2022 with no plan yet
 to fix the United Kingdom's economy- Channel 4 British News 2022

Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Normalizing ties in the Asia Pacific: Canada, US., New Zealand, and China

Antony Blinken and Foreign Minister Wang Yi

United States Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Foreign Minister of the People's Republic of China Wang Yi called for a 'Normalization of political ties'. A report by CNN stated that US officials had said before the talks, that the meeting after the G20 was aimed at keeping the difficult US-China relationship stable and preventing it from veering inadvertently into an Asia Pacific conflict. In late June, US. National Security adviser Jake Sullivan has said US. President Joe Biden and China’s Xi were expected to meet again in the next few weeks. 

Friday, May 27, 2022

China Minister seeks a forum with Polynesian Nations: Australia and New Zealand intentions under scope

New Labor led Australian Government
pitches a stronger alliance to Pacific Nations

Chinese foreign Minister Wang Yi is seeking a region wide deal with the Pacific Island Forum on a possible lucrative Free-Trade deal for Pacific Island nations and Security-pacts supporting sovereignty. There will be talks on support for climate change and Health. The Pro-Liberal Party Australian Sky News has deemed this move by China a military act and has called for a reaction, however many say that Australia's intentions are the ones in question as are National Party intentions from New Zealand. 

An Australasia Map showing a claim on Polynesia
and Aotearoa New Zealand as it's sub-region

New Zealandia map of Polynesia linking to Australasia
calling the region a missing continent by the BBC
(mapped as owned by New Zealand)

The new Labor Prime Minister of Australia Anthony Albanese that recently replaced PM Scott Morrison, has sent Minister of Foreign Affairs Penny Wong to also meet with Asia Pacific - Pacific Island Nations to reestablish ties.

Foreign Minister Wang Yi stated "China has long insisted on providing economic an technological assistance with no political strings attached. We have provided more than 100 projects of assistance, provided more than 200 projects of material assistance, and helped trained 10,000 in various fields" 

Australia's Penny Wong has admitted that under past Australian Government, they have have ignored Climate talks and disrespected Pacific Island nation calls for immediate action. In March of 2022, Eastern Australia experienced the greatest flooding in it's national history leaving thousands and thousands homeless and out of business, many of whom are still in recovery and angry at the lack of Liberal Party help under former PM Scott Morrison. It is also remembered that when the Liberal Party was in office during a Covid Pandemic, Unions and labor forces were the first ones targeted with Mandates. The National Party of New Zealand is no better and when in office, pursues an unshared Anglo vision of New Zealand. Australia is now pledging new promises, but they might be too-little too-late, and only a reactionary tact to growing influences in the region against those who have proven their dedication to progress. 

Please note that Liberal Party in foreign nations are not the same as 'United States Liberal Party' and that using the Party name of Liberal, Reform, National, or Conservative, often have little to do with their actual political stances. 

Friday, February 18, 2022

Trudeau attacks peaceful Protesters in The Freedom Convoy over outdated Covid-19 Mandates and Passports: Canadians Trampled

USA Truckers have joined together with Canadian Truckers for several weeks to protest all Mandates and all future restrictions that may be imposed by the Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Originally a massive stretch of 50 miles or more for a single protest created a Worldwide Anti-Mandate Movement. Media outlets have been slow to share information on the ongoing Freedom Convoy status because of possible extremism, for which there has been none.  

Protesters since Day-1 in The Freedom Convoy of 2022 have been uploading on Youtube, showing all the progress and peaceful demonstration, and have also corrected Big Media who have attempted to purposely shame the movement which has backing from Canadian Political figures, Canadian Police, US. Americans, Native Americans, African Americans, and African Canadians.

Trudeau has been called "The World's most popular Fascist" after Emergency powers were called to literally break the backs of protesters, taking their money, their trucks, their business, and almost their lives in some cases where recently it was uploaded on social media that Canadian horses ridden by officers, trampled over several Canadian citizens. Concerned citizens from the U.S.A., Aotearoa New Zealand, Australia, U.K., and many other people across Europe have joined in similar Protests and have spoken out against a Canadian Media Black-out of recent events.


Sunday, November 28, 2021

Geography Now! Youtube Channel plays with Samoan History quoting facts from Wikipedia?

 Geography Now - Youtuber

Youtube is filled with channels of fake Historians, some being seen as quite wild and crazy. A recent addition to that Youtube propagandist genre is a channel with a mixed crew who seems to be using the subject of "Geography", to snidely teach unresearched facts about numerous Asia Pacific nations online, including doing a video on the nation of Samoa. 

According to the channel the main host is a person of 'Mexican-Spanish decent' who seems to avoid real research into his own heritage, supporting SPAIN quite proactively even though he is of a mixed Mexican background with curly hair and with apparent native fascial features. Point being, he seems to be someone who spreads 'shade and hate' on everyone else to hide his own corrupted nation's history. Polynesians online say he knows nothing about their homelands and nothing about his own history and should help fix his own national drug problems before reporting on other regions like Polynesia.

Polynesian comments on Geography Now

"WHY does this happen? Why do these Mexican-Native American, Afro-Spanish, Latino, Euro-American-Spanish, and wanna-be Spanish have an identity problem? because of propaganda like Geography NOW, that's why"

"If you know Euro-Spanish History, their people have been invaded more times than any people in Europe. Since no one knows what goes on halfway across the world, the Spanish used to tell people they conquered others in the Americas, when really what happened was The Catholic Missionaries gave free food and Spanish lessons, and their so called conquistadors were mercenaries for hire by rich Native figures"

"Mexico is a nation of FOOD GENIUS, I wish they would just stick to such refinement. Is this really the best time to be messing with people's History?"

"And they wonder why the USA wants to build a WALL"

"In the USA, Polynesians have witnessed Puerto Rican and Mexican-Spanish in Texas sell addicting drugs to ladies and then use that influence to have kids or become intimately involved with that family. The relationship begins around clubbing and city life, then after a female or even a person of the Gay community become addicted, its too late. It takes significant family involvement to separate the couple, or wait until something involving couple violence happens, which then usually involves several family members who might at times risks their legal freedom to fix the problem"

"Polynesians don't care what color you are, just keep your politics to yourself. You seem to think you have some knowledge into our history, when you don't even know your own history, because if you did, you surely wouldn't boast the way you do"

"Spain's History is one of slavery to the Romans and then mostly feudal age Imperial propaganda, true story"

"Maybe try and make the youtube channel more funny? Why do all that work to sound like you know what you're talking about, when you don't. It seems like a pretty big waste of time and talent"

Friday, October 29, 2021

Her Honorable Majesty Chomolungma never gave her consent to the name Mount Everest: She's a Goddess not a man

It was about a century ago when a few people boasted to others back home that they had measured the greatest Mountain in the world. The renown and Ancient Mountain's proper name is Chomolungma (Komo'lungma or Qomolungma) meaning something to the effect of "Goddess Mother of Mountains". Most people will admit that the title "Mount Everest" is a severe down grade, not to mention a gender change, from the title "Goddess Mother of Mountains", named so by Tibetan scholars. The British who claimed to have rediscovered the already discovered mountain named it unofficially after Sir George Everest aka. "The Mount Everest".

Technically also the highest mountain is not even Mount Everest, possibly one of the 14 hardest, but not the largest. Chimborazo which is located in the South Americas is technically the "Highest point on earth" by measurement. In Polynesia, Mountain Mana Kea or Mt. Mauna Kea in Hawaii is actually the "largest" in the world in mass, measured from the depths of the Moana Pacific Ocean. With that data in mind, the first people to climb the Largest Mountain in the world might have been the Hawaiians, or the Guamese where Mount. Lamlam sits at 37,820 ft. and is the "Tallest".

The only reason Great Chomolungma has repeatedly been through the claim frenzy over the last hundred years is because of the people trying to mount it's summit, while spamming in eng. speaking networks, and texts, the new name of "Mount Everest". This British use of a foreign name though has been seen as disrespectful to many Asians and Tibetans who without their permission and without the help of the great Nepal Sherpa people (professional climbers who guided even Sir George Everest on his first summit), no foreigner could in the past or today, reach the top and return back safely. 

Post References

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