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Monday, February 14, 2011

The Portuguese Rutter Conflicts 1500s

The Portuguese Rutter or Portuguese Nautical Mariners Notebooks, were at one point the most valued and sought-after papered works in western European history, which contained all the information needed to reach Asia's coastal exporting Trade Markets. Western Spain's historical links to the Arabian Caliphate in the 8th century had given the Spanish region it's sailing ship designs. 

During the Dutch Revolt beginning around 1566, against Spanish Imperials and the Catholic Church, the Dutch became known as "Pirates of the sea", a religious label used to demonize and shutdown a new Dutch independent economy. The Dutch provinces and newly allied English took forceful measures in the 1500s to attempt at equalizing their wealth to Spain who were at first blocked off at The Strait of Gibraltar [The Spanish Blockade at Cadiz], policed by Spain and Allies.

Portugusse Rutter became "gold maps", nautical notebooks which contained trade routes around blockades, impeding ocean dangers, information on ports (including secret ports), intelligence of cultures with trade contacts, and personal notes or Captains Logs. Conflicts for Portuguese Rutter, either in bid or by force, occurred through the late 16th Century. 

In 1598, five of the Dutch's best ships from Rotterdam Dutchland left shore to India and Southeast Asia trade networks, heavily armed, with the intent to establish a new Asian trade link, with additional orders to raid and fire upon Spanish or Arabian ships. What they found was that the Catholics were almost exclusive as shipping exporters in some Asian ports, but not all, and so began a trade War across the seas.

Quiz It: What American Samoan diver was born on January 29th, 1960 and is considered The World's Greatest Olympic Diver in World History. The only diver to sweep the boards 8 consecutive years. » Check out TMBW Answers Feed! New!

TMBW Community Report: Electric Cars are here to stay and electricity can be easily home-made and battery stored. It's just a matter of time before the switch, learn how to make electricity with a home turbine.

TMBW On-going works: Mana History & A.P.I.A. Studies is an on-going personal history project, please continue to check back. The Samoan History and Related Events Timeline has been worked on. The Maori Wars History is now almost complete.

TMBW Announcement: We are trying to work out a way to best help Asia Pacific islanders learn all aspects about the vast East Asian, Southeast Asian, and Polynesian Pacific regions.

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•Samoan Proverb: " Talanoa atu, ‘ae le talanoa manu.- meaning a careless way will be taken by surprise by the alert. "
•Best Moana Quotes: "E aogâ vai pâlagi mo ma'i pâlagi, 'ae aogâ vao Samoa mo ma'i Samoa."
•Best Rugby Quotes: "World Rugby is now seeing Islands beating Continents"
•Best New Quote: "If theres one thing Samoan culture will teach us, it's how to take on life's Mosquitoes".

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◘ Health Interests

#1 tip Trust in Medical help has lowered since year 2000, especially when it comes to Cancer Treatments. Promises unkept for cures and breakthroughs in new research never applied, or with poor results, for over 40 years has raised skepticism. Following the most advanced tech nations instead of relying on easy access convenient hospitalization has been recommended for those looking for better medical help.

#1 tipA Community report says to "Beware of TAP WATER" [Tap Water can be Dangerous]. Outside the island, there are industrialized cities with real toxic issues. On the surface the City may have great rides, food, highways, and parks, but have under it all "toxic or environmental health issues" due to old Landfills and Water Infrastructure being ignored. If an area has a waste smell, the ground nearby could be a covered over Landfill where a town has expanded, buried the old one, and moved to a new location. Buying clean bottled water is an important choice, and will save a person's health.
◘ Community Interests

#1 tipPacific Islander American Community report on "Banking Overdraft Schemes" which resequence transactions on lower income accounts to make the accounts overdraft. In the Banking Scheme, transactions are being posted in an order that benefits the banking fees, and costing the customer possibly hundreds of dollars. The Banking Overdraft Schemes have been reported to still be attempted. Keep your money in a trusted Bank. Do not just sign up to any bank.

#1 tip Check out your local Library for community events. Also a Library can subscribe to Polynesian Newspapers and Magazines so that you and your kids can read them. Organizing a way to have books and media content (movies and news) able for your community to check out is important. Organize your local Library on how to get things started. Classes in public school are also being asked by local community for more Pacific languages and culture to be taught.

Visual By Ione K. Birdman

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Visual By Ione K. Birdman

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